The Huntsville Observer

Letter to Editor…

Dear Editor,

How to choose between two qualified, church- and community-involved Christians for City Council? Do it on the issues.

Economic growth: Paul Davidhizar says in his Item intro, “How are we going to solicit industries and businesses?” He also says the current City Council has done an “admirable job” giving 10-year, tax breaks in return for minimum wage-paying retail stores that now compete with our locally owned businesses. John Little has experience in Marshall working in a leadership group that first interviewed existing industry to determine exactly what kinds of support they needed and working to get it to them. (Interestingly, tax benefits were at the bottom of their list.) Creating a favorable environment for industry proved, in that case, to be successful in keeping the old ones and attracting new businesses. In my opinion, this is the kind of experienced conservative leadership we’re looking for.

Taxes and economics: Paul Davidhizar is the principal of an outstanding private school for those who can afford the tuition. Immediately over him on his board of directors is the daughter of Don Johnson, a City Council member who teamed with Keith Olson’s coalition for a property tax increase which they said was not a tax increase. They only backed off when Andy Brauninger, Joe Rodriquez and Ronald Allen exposed the plan

for what it was.

This tax-and-spend coalition is the same one which overrode the conservatives to give a 6 percent pay increase to city workers when everyone else’s paychecks are shrinking. And now they’re proposing a six-figure “economic growth czar” with a big expense account.


John Little says, “I will not be a voice for any special interest group. I am going to do my best to try to change things.”


If you believe that we can’t afford to mortgage our future with big budgets as I do, then our City Council needs some house-cleaning. John Little is a business educator and a businessman. He is committed to running Huntsville as a business.

We are not a wealthy town where everyone’s pet project is affordable. To stop this dangerous trend, we need true experienced conservatives who respect our property rights and our pocketbooks. John Little is such a man. Vote for him on May 7.

Loren T. Burns, M.D.